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DeportedTees has joined forces with Q to drop his very own Who Shot Ya collection of Men and Female

Kupid aka Q dropped the Black Shadow Remix to “Who Shot Ya” featuring Jus J on iTunes in October 2016. The song is a combination of multiple music genres including Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, Techno, Club. Last year, he won the Unsigned Only Music Competition for his single “Who Shot Ya” Featuring Jus J. He announced on his social media that “This is a remarkable achievement.” Black Shadow Records was responsible for “Gimmie the Light”, which was Sean Paul’s first hit single, peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also becoming a top 20 hit in the Netherlands.

In 2015, he was listed as one of the 10 emerging artists in Hip Hop and R&B music to watch on The style Q brings to the industry and his fans is universal since he is not limited to a particular genre of music. In just one song, Q is able to include Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Reggae, and it’s possible he will be including more genres to his flow.

DeportedTees was created in 2011 by the inspiration of the Caribbean lifestyle. Music, dance, language, and the overall rhythm of the islands is what the company thrives on. They evolved from a single custom order to creating a full recognizable t-shirt line that prides themselves on providing the latest and hottest Caribbean inspired wear.

Social Media:


Instagram Name: Kupid aka Q

YouTube: Kupidofficial

Twitter: kupidofficial


Q Epk 2016:

Q – Who Shot Ya ft. Jus J (music video):

Q- “Who Shot Ya” Black Shadow Remix (iTunes):\

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