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Q releases 'Who Shot Ya' music video feat. Jus J

In the recent weeks, Orlando recording artist Q released the music video to his latest single “Who Shot Ya” produced by Troy from Black Shadow Records who produced Sean Paul’s first record “Give Me The Light.” The single has been a major hit among his fans and supporters as an independent artist. Q is inspired by various artists from multiple genres including Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Drake, Lil Wayne and Blink-182.

"I think Lil Wayne had a big, big, big impact vocal wise in my career," Q stated. Listening to his music, you hear a blend hip hop and island pop among others, as Q develops his own unique sound. Last year, Q was featured as one of the 10 emerging artists in hip hop and r&b music to watch on while he was still promoting his “Hey Girl” single. He was inspired after listening to the Will Smith song “Summertime.” He then decided that he would like to create a new version of the song. As he told The Spotlight, “That’s why when you listen to it, it’s more of a laid back, chill barbecue, pool party type of atmosphere.”

In a recent interview with Outline Radio Show, Q revealed a few things that you may not know about him, including that he likes to drive in total silence. Another thing that people may not know about him is that he doesn’t like the club scene while it may seem hard to believe. He’s just not that type of guy.The type of music Q brings to the industry can appeal to almost anyone’s musical tastes. He is much more than just another artist hitting the stage with an island, Hip Hop flow, he has a powerful combination of hip hop, pop, island, reggae, and r&b. Q had a recent performance at The Sand Bar in Cocoa, FL.

His single “Who Shot Ya” is available for purchase at:

Google Play, iTunes and Spotify. You can watch his "Who Shot Ya” music video is on You Tube

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