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Meet Q

Meet Q

January 27, 2017

Written by

Tianni Myers

Gumption Entertainment is a production company that develops and creates visual content for clientele in various industries all over the state of Florida. One of these clients is an artist by that name of Q a.k.a Kupid who is an emerging artist located in Orlando, FL. His style of music is a reflection of Island Pop, Hip-Hop and Reggae. Q’s latest song is called “Who Shot Ya” feat Jus J, which is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Q was born in New York City and later raised in Antigua. At the age of nine, he returned to the U.S. and has been here ever since. At a young age he enjoyed, “Music Day“ with his family. Every Sunday him and his family would listen to music from artists like Nas, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Vybez Cartel and Red Rat. Later in high school at the age of sixteen he discovered music. Not only did he listened to it but he started dancing and performing and eventually started created his own music.

Since then Q has performed with Red Rat and was given the opportunity to share his music with the world on Pandora. Today, he continues to work hard by producing and performing his own lyrics. He also has a goal to build his own empire in the music industry.

Q has provided some advise for young artist looking to make a career out of their music.

T: Do you have any advise for a young artist who is just starting out?

Q: Some advise for any start-up artist or any young artists is to never give up on your dreams. It doesn't matter who tells you otherwise, if you believe you can do something you can go out and do it.

T: What’s your creative process like for creating your music?

Q: My creative process is either really good or slightly weird. Something that I like to do when I'm making music is to get into the zone on the topic of what I want that song to be about; I go for a car drive for a long time and I don’t listen to any music. I just drive the car and usually within that time frame I'll be able to come up with a concept or maybe the hook or maybe some of the verses of the song.

T: What's your most memorable experience in this industry so far?

Q: One would be performing on stage with Red Rat at Miami carnival in 2008. It was a dream come true to perform with one of my idols in the Dance Hall/Reggae world.

T: Any advise as far as entrepreneurship or personal experiences within the industry that you’d like to share?

Q: Always make sure to keep your head on straight and have the right people around you that are not just “yes men”. Have people that actually care about what your brand is all about. Definitely keep them around you because when those types of people are not around is when you as an artist start drifting away and go in the wrong direction. You always want to go in the right direction when you’re in the business.

The views expressed in this blog are those of Tianni Myers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Gumption Entertainment

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