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5 things to know about Kupid a.k.a Q

Who Is Kupid?

Upcoming artist Kupid is a former member of the group Crossovah which originally started off as a dance group, and eventually, a singing group. He was in Crossovah for seven years before the group went their separate ways. Kupid embarked on his own career combining R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae and Pop with his musical inspiration from various artists including, Sean Paul, Lil Wayne, Blink-182 and Drake.”

Check out 5 things to know about Kupid a.k.a Q.

1. He doesn’t like the club scene

Kupid is not into the club scene as one would believe. He’s just not the “turn up” kind of guy, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

2. He listens to a lot of rock music

Even though he has the Caribbean flavor mixed with some R&B, Hip Hop and Pop, he still loves his rock music.

3. He use to skateboard?

He said, “I use to skateboard and still do and I am really good at it.”

4. He has OCD with plastic?

He has OCD with eating or drinking from plastic as in everything he eats or drinks must be from plastic.

5. He has a favorite dish?

His favorite dish is chicken Alfredo.

Kupid was born to Antiguan and Guyanese parents with his father from Antigua and his mother from Guyana. Growing up, his father would play Caribbean music throughout the week. In more recent years, he released a summer single in 2013 called “Hey Girl” featuring Thomas Miller following his inspiration from the Will Smith song “Summertime”. He told The Spotlight, “I was jamming to “Summertime” by Will Smith, and for some odd reason, I was like, ‘Yo, I want to make a new version of this. That’s why, when you listen to it, it’s more of a laid back, chill barbecue, pool party type of atmosphere.”

Check out Kupid’s single “Hey Girl” available on iTunes.

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